Defining your tone of voice

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Before you begin writing your website, crafting your launch emails or pitching to investors, make sure you get your tone of voice nailed. Businesses that spend time on their brand personality appear more professional and credible. Don’t skip this important step!

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I charge £350 for my extensive tone of voice document. This is the foundation for all your communication going forward. It pays to get it right.


defining your tone of voice

After chatting to you about your business and understanding your plans for the future, I develop an extensive document. It includes: 


A concise explanation about what drives your business


An overview of what to do and what not to do with language


A curated list of descriptive words 


A detailed account of how your brand behaves and responds

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“Hannah helped us with copywriting support for the Haplocare website and the app. She provided us with a tone of voice document as well as marketing materials for the website and app. The end result was excellent. The tone of voice document really captured the essence of what we stand for at Haplocare and it has been my go-to document ever since while creating marketing materials! 

Hannah’s background in supporting the Femtech industry was evident in how quickly she grasped the concept, suggested edits, and delivered excellent content for Haplocare, which supports women. She was a thorough professional, empathetic, and a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend her services for any Femtech brand looking out to make an impact in the world.

Sonali Quantius, Founder, Haplocare