How to get press coverage for your small business or start-up

Would you love to get some press coverage for your small business or start-up but don’t know where to begin?

Are you convinced it’s only something big brands with big budgets can do?

The good news is, with some time, energy and patience, everyone could get their brand in the media.

The secret is finding the right journalists and pitching the perfect story.

Press coverage for small business

How can my digital course help?

Within my course, I’ve broken down each of the different steps you need to take to secure your coverage.

I explain what PR is and the different types of media stories you could secure.

I provide you with a ‘story mining’ exercise designed to help you find your perfect angle.

I then give you the tools to create your own pitch to media.

Why do I know what I’m talking about?

I’ve been in PR and communications for over a decade. Thanks to working for the likes of P&G, Philips and Microsoft, I know what a great story looks like. I’ve secured a toothpaste in Vogue, had my client’s news turned into a cartoon for the Daily Mail and had my celebrity interview feature on the front page of The Sun’s weekend supplement.

Here’s some coverage I recently secured for my own business.

All this for the sale price of £35 in April!