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Finding your voice

You’re starting out and need tone of voice and messaging support. 

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We are all made of stories

Standing out

You’re growing at pace and now need to professionalise your communications.

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Growing with confidence

You’re an established brand and you need a communications strategy.

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“As a founder of an early stage company that is currently fundraising, I needed someone with expertise in positioning and brand building to help guide me in personal brand and public engagement. Hannah was the perfect person to do this.

Not only is she exceptionally skilled at intuiting hidden meanings in various forms of communications, and is understanding of the psychological aspects that give rise to various forms of styles, but she is also very well informed and extremely knowledgeable about the area of women’s health and FemTech. Hannah really took the time to get to know me and my business before making any recommendations.” – Ella Harris, CEO, Uvisa Health