How to create a tone of voice for your startup


This course explains:

– Why you need a tone of voice for your startup

– How to create your tone of voice and visual identity

– What it means to create a brand persona



Would you like more consistency in how you communicate about your startup?

Are you finding your messaging is coming across muddled or unclear?

Would you like to resonate more with target customers or investors?

In the busy women’s health market, don’t let your communications hold you back. Businesses that spend time on their brand personality and written identity appear more professional and credible. Your tone of voice is the foundation for your brand.

Don’t skip this important step!


What does the course cover:

  • Lesson one – an introduction to Wrapp Consulting and an explanation about why I believe all startups need a tone of voice document
  • Lesson two – an overview of the impact and benefits of a tone of voice
  • Lesson three – how to draft your tone of voice including an explainer from me for each of the steps
  • Lesson four – what you should do next!


Why this course?

By choosing my course, you’re opting to learn from an expert in women’s health.

My network, connections and knowledge bring an extra dimension to the work I do.

When I’m not working with clients, you’ll find me speaking up about stigma and taboo on social media. I walk the walk, and talk the talk!

Add to that, over ten years’ experience in brand communications and you are on to a winner.

Hannah Wrathall on branded background