How to build and promote your birthing business

How to build and promote your birthing business


Have you recently qualified as a hypnobirthing or antenatal teacher?

Are you feeling ready to help couples have a positive birth but not so ready to launch a business?

Do you want to build your confidence as a small business owner?

This digital course will take you through all the steps needed to build and promote your birthing business. You will finish feeling excited by your birthing brand and equipped with the tools you need to attract your customers.

The course is priced at £200.



  • How to define your proposition, your branding and your tone of voice – including several creative exercises and templates to use to generate your ideas
  • How to create and build your website – including practical advice on what platforms to use, where to source your photography and how to check your domain
  • How to use SEO to reach as many potential customers as possible – including an overview of what SEO is, how you can define your keywords and what blogs you should be writing
  • How to PR your offering and tell everyone about your business – including how to write a pitch to the media and how to network
  • How to maximise social media – with focus on Facebook and Instagram – including practical tips and ideas on what content you should share and how often
  • How to best serve your customers and how to use reviews – including advice about reviews and testimonials

Why should you trust I know what I’m talking about?

I have over a decade of experience working in marketing and PR. Previous clients include Microsoft, P&G and Philips. I’ve placed products in Vogue, The Times, The Sun and numerous other global publications. I’ve hosted events all around the world and managed photoshoots with Olympic athletes, Hollywood actors and TV superstars.

I know what makes a great story, I know how to get people to buy a product and I know what’s the best way to market your brand.

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