3 important reasons why you should use PR to promote your small business

So you’ve got your website set-up, and you’ve started blogging? And you’re sharing lots of content on social media? Trying out some ads too? All great, but wait one minute; there’s another tactic to consider. Here are three important reasons why you should use PR to promote your small business.

1. It’s an authentic, credible recommendation

If a friend or a family member recommends a Netflix show to you, chances are you’ll watch it. You see, direct word-of-mouth recommendation like this is highly trusted. But PR is not dissimilar. It involves an individual – the journalist – putting their name to a recommendation. They take the time to look through suggestions, test them out if relevant and then add the products or services into to a piece of content that is attributed to them. Research shows that earned media – aka coverage in the press – is the second most effective way to build trust in a brand. In other words, PR helps consumers know your small business is an option they should consider.

2. It’s free*

Unlike the rest of your marketing, for the most part, PR is free. The only thing you might need to do is send product samples or provide free or discounted samples – *so it’s not entirely free… But really, the investment is in your time. Pitching to the media can take a while. And you’ll likely need to lock on lots of doors before someone answers. But if you have the time to give, it’s worth it.

3. Attracting admirers

As well as drawing in potential customers, PR can be a way great to catch the attention of admirers. Everyone reads the media. So who knows who may end up reading about you in the article online or in that magazine. I’ve heard brilliant stories about investors approaching small companies because of the PR coverage they’ve secured. There’s still a real buzz about seeing your name in print, and it creates excitement in others too.

Ok, by now, you’re hopefully excited about trying some PR for your small business. But what should you do next?

I’ve got the perfect freebie for you – my ‘how to get the media talking’ cheat sheet explains more about pitching.

Or, if you’re ready to give it a try but would love some advice on getting everything in place, a Power Hour with me could be precisely what you need.

Happy pitching!