Some essential reading

Here’s some resources I value that explain more about the femtech industry and women’s health needs. I’ve also included articles which explain more about great communications and marketing. As I keep finding great pieces, I’ll add them here for others to read:

Morgan Stanley’s women’s health investment report: Venture Capitalists Are Missing Out on a Trillion-Dollar Opportunity

Jesse Draper from Halogen Venture’s views on female-focused investment: Investing In Women Isn’t A Fucking Charity

Avestria Ventures’ article on the importance of femtech innovators: The healthcare system has long ignored women’s health and failed female patients. Female-backed health startups can change things.

GLG’s insights on menopause: Women Want Menopause Solutions. Will Companies Meet the Need?

An interesting prospective on how the term femtech could be holding investors back: Why It Is Time To Do Away With The Term Femtech

Pitchbook’s analyst note on the femtech industry: Femtech Expected to Break New Grounds

My own blog

Marketing, customer experience and communications resources:

Insights from a VC about the importance of customer success for start-ups: Where is Customer Success going over the next 5 years?

Let me know if you have any great femtech or women’s health resources that I should share.