Are you struggling for the right words to say?

Are you keen to get more investment but think your pitch deck is letting you down?

Did you get a flurry of coverage at launch but now struggle to get journalists’ attention? Do you want to create content that gets people talking?

Work with me to create a communications strategy tailored to the audience in mind.

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Let’s work together to define your communications strategy

I’ll spend time getting to know your business objectives and what makes your ideal customer tick.

My approach involves talking to your sales teams, your product teams as well as the broader marketing owners to understand what will work best for you.

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Less will, almost certainly, be more

I’ll formulate a strategy which outlines the smartest way to get the results you need.

We’ll focus on creating clear and concise storytelling that resonates with your audience. 

An approach that works across your business

Alongside external relations, I can develop your internal communications and how you to talk to B2B customers. The result will be one unified approach.

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Why I believe FemTech needs a specialist approach

Working in the women’s health space, we’re all aware of the myth and stigma in this field. We need to educate about the problem as well as inform on the solution. It’s why I advocate for a multi-layered approach to your communications outreach which could include the following:

Product news

Whether you are an app, a service, website or a product, reviews will always be worth their weight in gold. 


Attention-grabbing campaigns can be used to educate and raise awareness with the mainstream. 

Founder stories

FemTech brands often emerge from founders’ lived experience. We can use these stories to talk to the press.

Keen to get people talking? 

Work with me to define the right stories  and content for your brand. 

I charge from £600 for a full communications strategy.  Let’s chat about the needs of your business.


Press coverage for small business

The ‘perfect pitch’ package

If you’re looking to buy an ‘off-the-peg’ package, this is for you. My DIY e-course explains how to pitch, who to pitch and when to pitch.