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‘It will just be a mild discomfort, dear’: Unpacking the gender pain gap

By now most of us will be aware of the pay gap, and hopefully benefitting from the measures slowly coming into place (?!) Although the pandemic has dictated that employers do not have to declare their statistics in 2019/20. Let’s keep watch on that. But I digress. What I’m here to talk about is the gender pain gap. I recently joined a webinar hosted by Hysterical…
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Why investing in female health should be everyone’s business

My focus on women’s health comes from a place of passion, and a desire to make the world more inclusive. Nonetheless, I recognise the commercial opportunity in better serving women. I believe that we should all be investing in female health. We know that women do most of the household spending, hold 20 per cent of the world’s wealth…
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Why your female customers need your focus

For the last few years, I’ve been evolving my skills. I’ve been moving from traditional PR into marketing, specifically customer experience. I believe being customer-focused is vital in business. But I wanted to take it further. I’m focusing on WX – customer experience (CX) for female-focused brands – because I believe talking authentically to women is a…
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