Building a community

Are you ready to make your customers your superpower?

Would you like to build a community around your brand? Are you keen to understand how you can utilise your loyal and vocal customers? 

Let’s work together to put your customers at the forefront of your business. You can use them to co-create new products, to recruit new customers or to help you evaluate what comes next.

Community of women
How to put…

customers the heart of your business

Nurturing and rewarding your existing customers is more effective than constantly seeking new ones. 

The most successful leaders understand that people love feeling part of a community.

These are just some of the ways you can work with me to transform your customer approach.


Straight talking

Work with me to develop a customer audit. This will help you understand what they love most about you and also what you need to change.

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A place called home

Let’s develop a forum, Slack chat or Facebook group that gives your customers a place to chat with other like-minded people. 

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Customer inspo

We can recruit your ‘superfans’ to help shape your NPD or marketing campaign. Co-creation is a brilliant way to drive innovation.

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Let’s hear it from them

I’ll evaluate where you can use customer voices across your business: in blogs, ads, pitches and PR

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Let’s talk!

Prices for a customer audit, including qualitative and quantitative data, start from £1500. Book some time with me to chat about how you’d like to put your customers at the centre of your business.