The ‘Beat the ban’ strategy session


Does it feel like social media censorship is holding back your business?

Are you sick of creating content that no one gets to see?

Do you want to take back control?

My intensive strategy session will identify where you have room for growth and tell you how you can beat the advertising ban.

Let’s do this!

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Join me for a ‘Beat the Ban’ strategic review! So you can feel focused and empowered again

Drawing on my decade of communications and marketing experience, I’ll help you plan an effective sales and marketing funnel which isn’t ruled by Meta.

The intensive strategic review costs £997.


Building a smart FemTech funnel

The session will involve:

Don't panic



of your current social media ads followed by suggestions for new copy or creative that could help pass moderation

Beat the ban analyse



your current sales funnel and traffic drivers, and where you could work smarter with automation

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what to do to strategically attract and retain customers e.g. lead magnets, newsletters, PR and content

Let’s beat the ban together

Why work with me?

I have an impressive CV. I’ve spent time at some of the leading creative agencies and developed global communications strategy for brands such as P&G, Philips, Bayer and Microsoft.

But why does the matter to you? I’ve learnt from working with some of the best. And it means I take a smart approach to marketing and communications. I like to get up close and personal with a brand. I want to know everything: how you drive sales, what’s the long term vision for your company, how your customers feel about you, why your investors choose to work with you.

Add that experience to a deep passion for FemTech and women’s health and you’re on to a winner.

Hannah Wrathall

How will this session change your business?

After working with me, you’ll have clear strategy and a set of tangible actions to put in place immediately. 

But this is about more than marketing tools and ideas. This is about getting control back in your business.

Reduce your reliance on paid social media

Let’s make the frustration of advertising bans and taboo a thing of the past

Build a community of superfans

Your customers are your strongest asset. Let’s use them to help you grow

Take back control of your messaging

Words matter. Let’s create a strategy that allows you to say what you want

Clear your mind for fresh, new ideas

Without the frustration of rejected ads, you’ll have space to get creative 

What exactly will we do?

This session involves a mixture of 1:2:1 consultation and qualitative and quantitative evaluation

This in-depth session costs £997.

We are all made of stories

Step 1 – Two hour  1:2:1 business download

We’ll go through what you’re doing now, what is working, how you’re using paid adverts and what are your business goals

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Step 2 – Seven day analysis and review

I’ll take an indepth look at how your marketing tools are currently performing against industry KPIs. Based on these, and the needs of your business, I’ll generate a bespoke strategy report

Step 3 – Three hour intensive ‘what’s next’ download

We’ll go through your bespoke strategy report in detail, offering you plenty of opportunity for questions and discussion on how to get started

Your questions, answered

Q: What will you need from me?

A: Time-wise, I’ll need five hours of your time. And I’ll share a spreadsheet of KPIs, which I’ll need you to complete. It’ll also help to provide me with access to your Meta Business Suite so I can analyse the data.

Q: What will I receive at the end of the session?

A: An extensive bespoke document that includes: your KPIs data, recommendations on how to progress with adverts (if you want to), and a detailed communications and customer strategy.

Q: Can you promise to get Facebook or Instagram adverts approved?

A: I’m afraid I don’t have that superpower. I can make recommendations on different ad formats, but I cannot guarantee they’ll be approved. Instead, I’ll focus on a strategy that isn’t reliant on Meta.

Q: What will you recommend I do?

A: My advice will be bespoke to your business but could include a combination of community building, PR storytelling, compelling emails and fulfilling funnels.

Q: What type of business is this best for?

A: I can support service, software or product based businesses. But, ideally, you’d already have a marketing strategy in place with a couple of traffic drivers. If you’re a start-up looking for support, please do check out my ‘About’ page for others ways to work together.

Q: Have a question that isn’t covered?

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Feedback from my happy clients

Here’s why I’m great to work with!

“As a sex ed platform we’ve been held back by censorship on social media, but she had some brilliant ideas about how to navigate around it.” 

Lucy Whitehouse
FOunder @ FUMBLE

“She was a thorough professional…and a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend her services for any FemTech brand looking out to make an impact in the world.”

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Sonali Quantius

“I have no hesitation in recommending Hannah. She has a rare combination of creativity, strategic thinking and commercial awareness”

Daniel Bausor
CX @ SIgnify