Hi, I’m Hannah Wrathall

I specialise in communications strategy for women’s health and FemTech brands.

My passion lies in breaking down the myths, taboos and stigma associated with fertility, reproductive health, sexual health, motherhood and menopause. I work with companies, of all sizes, who share this vision.

I believe that change in women’s health will only happen when everyone is on board. It’s why I feel so strongly about making sure we can talk openly and honestly, without censorship, about issues that affect our health.

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I’m the consultant you need

I’ve honed my skills in communications thanks to working at top agencies, for leading brands in tech and healthcare, including Bayer, Microsoft, P&G, Philips and Roche.

My time as the Community and Programme Manager at venture builder, Start Codon, means I also understand what’s needed to build and grow a start-up.

But, I now use my expertise to focus on helping businesses like yours to close the gender health gap.

Hannah really took the time to get to know me and my business before making any recommendations. Talking to her was easy and natural, and the output of our sessions was brilliant. I highly recommend anyone in the women’s health space and in need of some communications or brand work, to consider working with her.”

Ella Harris, CEO, Uvisa Health

“Hannah is the consummate professional, who takes time to understand, learn and develop relationships and business ideas. She’s extremely well versed in a multitude of programmes, communicates clearly and effectively in all forms and produced great output that is impactful, relevant and meaningful.  I wouldn’t hesitate recommending her.”

Daniel Rooke, COO, Start Codon